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Lost Ridge Brewing’s petite tasting room and expansive outdoor beer garden is open to guests of the inn as well as the public and offers natural farmhouse style craft beers brewed, aged and served onsite. Here in the land of winegrowers and wine drinkers, we’ve dared to be different. Lost Ridge Brewing’s small-batch ales are reflective of the wildness of this Georgian village setting. We use pure well water, premier hops and grains from around the world, local specialties such as Georgian alpine honey, spices and fruits grown in our own orchard, and age our bottled beers in our own on-site beer cave. While any industrial brewery can churn out unimaginative bland lagers, the Lost Ridge offers made-in-Georgia classic craft ale styles such as Belgian-inspired Tripels, Farmhouse Saisons and Pacific Northwest-style IPA.

With backgrounds in travel, tourism development, painting, agriculture, homebrewing, winemaking, gastronomy, and restaurant management, the team behind Lost Ridge has spent the last three decades passionately promoting, educating and attracting curious travelers, stewards of food and wine and the media to the treasures of this tiny gem of a nation called Georgia. With a heartfelt desire to further contribute to this very special country, The Lost Ridge Inn, Brewery and Fire Kitchen at Qedeli was created as a sanctuary for the senses. Hence, we invite you to come and explore the amazingly diverse world of beer with us as we experiment with local and international ingredients to craft innovative Georgian brews.

Craft Beers of Lost Ridge Brewing


Honey Blonde

Georgian alpine wildflower honey from the Gombori Pass was added to a base brewed with premium two row malt produced from Western U.S. barley, lightly hopped with Styrian Goldings hops and fermented with a Belgian Abbaye yeast.



Pale yellow color brewed with an equal blend of French wheat and Pilsner malt, fermented with Belgian Ardennes yeast and lightly hopped with Hallertau aroma hops.


Farmhouse Saison

Straw colored farmhouse style beer made with Pilsner and Vienna malts, French wheat, and a dash of Georgian coriander plus East Kent and Styrian Goldings hops. Fermented with a Belgian Saison yeast.



Highly hopped with a blend of Cascade, Chinook, Simcoe and Mosaic hops, brewed with Northwest Pale and Crystal malts and fermented with a Belgian abbaye yeast


Watermelon Honey Blonde

Our Honey Blonde with the addition of the juice of 10 large, fresh, Kakheti-grown watermelons at their peak of ripeness.



Golden ale brewed from a base of Pilsner malt and a dose of flaked wheat, fermented with Belgian Ardennes yeast and lightly hopped with Hallertau and Czech Saaz.


Belgian Pale Ale

A crisp, dry, well-balanced pale ale made with Belgian aromatic and dark crystal malts added to a base of Pilsner malt and then fermented with American ale yeast and finished with Hallertau hops.

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