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    Finding the Lost Ridge

    Since the most important places are always off-the-beaten path, please read these detailed directions to reach us. When coming from Tbilisi and upon entering Sighnaghi (not the town center though), you will be driving downwards on the serpentine road. While enjoying the amazing “postcard view” of the town and mountains on the left, you might easily miss our turn which is to your right. (Especially that Google Maps mistakenly takes you through a longer road via Bodbe Monastery). 

    This point: 41.606808, 45.927579 – (and also this one) shows where you should turn right from the highway onto the village road. The blue road sign on the highway says Bodbiskhevi and Zemo Machkhaani, other signs at the turn say Lost Ridge, Qedeli community and Mtevani restaurant.  We are located just 600m from there. Follow the unpaved road straight and downwards (don’t turn anywhere), soon on the left you will see our horse ranch sign, continue downwards, the second turn to the left says ranch café – pass that one too unless you are staying in Archaeology Suite or Piruza Cottage – and take the third turn left leading slightly upwards with the sign that says Lost Ridge Inn. The red roof and wooden fence is ours. 

    Welcome! You made it.