Georgian cuisine is as fascinating and layered as Georgia’s history. Undoubtedly the cultures that traded and battled with Georgia left their influence on the cuisine that mingled with Georgia’s very own unique and indigenous culinary arts. Inspired by the traditional culinary spirit of Georgia, Lost Ridge offers a modern perspective for the exploration of Georgia’s vivid gastronomic world.

Our craft beers complement the seasonal menus which are dominated by food prepared with love from the finest local produce. We cook with ingredients harvested from our own permaculture gardens, local family’s homesteads and farmer’s markets in the amazingly agriculturally rich region of Kakheti. We also seek out  and forage for ingredients from all over Georgia from mountainous Tusheti and Svaneti to the lowlands in Western Georgia. And we also bring selected seeds from all over the world, to grow heirloom corn, tomatoes chili and other vegetables bring more diversity to our gardens and plates.  Our team has winemakers, brewers, experienced cooks, bringing the sophistication and creativity to our tables while cooking with the freshest, highest quality, locally ingredients.

We love experimenting and creating special menus and tastings for your private events or group visits. Our cafe welcomes you daily from 11:00 – 20:00. Due to high demand and limited capacity we ask you to reach out for reservations in advance and we look forward to hosting you.

Traditional & Unexpected Georgian Cuisine

Theme Events & Gastronomic Journeys

Craft Beer & Natural Wine Tastings

Cooking Classes & Demos


Our continental breakfast is something our guests love especially, we cook tasty omelets and pancakes, offer a selection of fresh dairy, veggies and fruits, homemade jams & honey.

Our menus change not only seasonally, but daily based on the produce available at the time. We serve a selection of dishes just as in any Georgian family. On average meals cost from 50 to 70 GEL per person excluding alcoholic beverages, while special menus, thematic gastronomic events and pop-ups start at 85 GEL.

Some of what we love and signature dishes for an inspiration

  • Classic cucumber and tomato salad with Kakhetian oil
  • Goddess Rucola Salad
  • Aubergines or Zucchini with sauces / veggies / walnuts
  • Broccoli or cauliflower dishes
  • Soups of the day: Matsoni / Lentil / Pumpkin
  • Tasty village eggs in all forms and shapes
  • Fried jonjoli marinade pancakes with strained yogurt
  • Homemade hummus with tasty crackers
  • Traditional Pork Mtsvadi / Pork or Beef Stews / Seasonally Chakapuli Beef or Lamb Stew with Plums and Greens
  • Fried Chicken with various sauces / tomato stew
  • Fried or mashed potatoes with sauces / rosemarin & many more

Our Craft Beer Classics: Blonde, Wheat, Belgian Pale Ale, IPAs – 330 ml  – 8, 9 or 10 GEL

Special Saisons and Tripels with Seasonal experiments – 750 ml – 30 GEL

Pheasant’s Tears Amber and White Wines – 750 ml – 60 GEL

Pheasant’s Tears Red and Rose Wines – 750 ml – 70 GEL

PT Sparkling wines

Fire Kitchen Winter Menu for 2020


Mixed Spicey Nuts – 15 Gel
Jonjoli Balls with Yogurt Sauce – 20 Gel
Baby Chishvtari with Smoked Cheese and Walnut Sauce – 12 Gel
Smoked Apple, Ham and Soft Cheese Bruschetta (vegetarian option) – 8 Gel


Lentils /Lemon/ Potatoes and Dill -8 Gel
Yogurt/ Sour Dough Croutons – 6 Gel


Smoked Cabbage/ Walnut/ Pear/ Celery Leaf w/ House Aioli – 25 Gel
Fire Baked Beetroot/ Wild Red Mirabel Plum – 10 Gel


Frittata w/ Grilled Veggies – 25 Gel
Wild Honey Mushrooms/ Onion/ Potato with Lemon Cilantro Sauce – 30 Gel
Kubdari: Highland Svan Meat Pie (Mushroom Alternative for Vegetarians) – 15 Gel

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